alright so i have something i need to do to get even with an ex friend of mine so as immature as it is to just get even somehow, theres not alot of options,


anybody know any good way to get payback and any good music for it to?
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edit: and the music is getting away with murder
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Careful with this thread, dude. The mods are on a hardcore thread-closing high tonight.

On subject: rape.
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Fap on them and cum blood.




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thats one of the funniest posts ive seen in a while... to sig or not to sig

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Probably from india. Most bad things come from there.
Depends on the circumstance that he/she pissed ya off. Story tiem pls, and I shall reveal the answer.
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Fap on them and cum blood.

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On subject: rape.

^+1 to both of them
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I have the same problem. except he was a guitar player and I sliced off the strings on his guitar:p

but for you?....

send them the email with a appropriate youtube vid.not like good and stuff appropriate but like, to fit the situation

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