My current set up/gear is an ESP AX230, and the Line 6 Spider III 75W. For effects I used to use a Digitech RP-50, Boss MT-2, and an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah. Once I switched over the this new amp, I realized ±I can't really make my effects pedals work through the amp very well, except the wah. The sounds are very muffled and sustained and don't really get through any of the clean channels on the amp, so I've just been using some presets of the amp (with the 4 switch pedal, w/ volume control + wah).

Anyone know how to get the Boss Mt-2 to work through, and get the drum machine on the digitech to get through without having to go through the line 6 effects? Any particular clean setting that works?

Thanks for helping out!
if your gonna use all those pedals, theres abosolutely no point in getting a modeling amp (a crappy one at that). ditch the metal zone, and trade in the spider.

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Gut it and put something decent inside of what's left.

My friend had that same amp and I think he said that the only pedals you can use are Line 6 ones.
No its just the spiders dont take to external effects very well not even line 6 stuff.
Yeah I can't even use an equalizer on my line6 spider. It cuts out the distortion. I fkn hate my amp because of this. I am thinking about trading my friend who has a Randall GT 75w.
the spiders are just too digital...you lose the correct tone of your guitar and pedal...for a modelling amp I'd only use the valvetronix...just try to sell your spider and get something else
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