hey guys

i wanna get a q-tron to add some flavour and funkiness to my sound and also to play some flea and bootsy bass lines so i was lookin at the q tron.
is it worth the extra 60 bucks to get the regular version or will it be fine to get the micro? im gettin a new job soon so i should be able to buy them within a month or two and i have all ready decided i dont need the plus.

so which one? micro q tron or regular q-tron?



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You know, I find that the Q-tron, at least the tone Flea gets from it, is not worth all the hype. I think his filter tone on Blood Sugar Sex Magik is better and on that album he uses the DOD-FX25b. Its a matter of preference, but if you don't want to shell out a ton of money, the dod is $40, if you're looking to upgrade maybe the Q-tron is for you.
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