I see there's an acoustic thread, but I want a Classical not a steel string.

Ok, I want a inexpensive Classical guitar. I'm not gonna be a serious classical player(I'm more into electric), but it's mostly so I can have my own classical to practice on instead of having to borrow one to use for the Classical Lessons that I take.

I was looking at the Rodriguez Caballero 11 and the Cordoba C5, it seems these have the best features in the price range. Having a cutaway would be awesome, but it seems this is only on the more expensive models. The price range can be stretched a bit, so feel free to give suggestions. Thanks.
Yamaha makes some good ones in the 200-500 price range. Mine was about 350/400 and its pretty nice.
Quote by Kurt-Corgan
Really? A Yamaha Classical guitar can be good?

Indeed, I was just as surprised as you.