So I play an ESP LTD MH-103 w/ a Dimebucker in the bridge. The bands I'm in play material ranging from Trivium-style to the likes of Meshuggah.
I really need a new amp, seeing as I managed to blow the old school Peavy 212 Transtube I have. Hahaha.
My price range is roughly $500. I don't really need a half stack, but if you have a good recommendation for one, it'd be much appreaciated.
Thanks UG!
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and op, i would look into some peavey stuff if i were you
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A roland would be a nice investment.
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spider 3 all the way man
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Wrong forum, but you want a 5150 or 5150+ for Trivium. You can probably find it used on craigslist between the range of 500 and 1000. Also, check out Bugera, B-52, and Valveking. They're all very good.
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