alright, so my friend (and drummer so i'm involved a **** load) was going for a recording setup, and got a multi track recorder, and an old 10 channel mixer (unpowered) for his drums and yada yada its all good

so for a LIVE setup, if we used the mixer, we would need active or powered speakers correct?

other question is how are those speakers "active"?
battery? wall jack? etc.

and lastly what ones, (we would need two) for a budget of eh about 400 usd or less

also, how much inches do you need for different gig types?

and i saw these kustom moniters for cheap, they any good?

just fill me in on the whole live sound with an unpowered mixer deal
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A typical setup uses a mixer with output to a power amp, which then outputs to passive speakers. The power amp has a left channel and a right channel, so essentially it is two separate amps housed in one chassis. The active speakers cut this process out of the mix - each speaker has its own onboard amp, so all ya got to do is run the mixer main outs to each speaker, and you are done. The speakers are powered by 120v AC, so the only thing you have to run are the audio signal cable and an extension cord.

The Kustom speakers are passive and would require a power amp to drive them. In terms of how many inches - bigger inches mean more power handling and bass frequency capacity. 10" would be fine for practice and smaller gigs (house party, small club, etc.). Going to a 12 or a 15" would give you more room to grow later.

When choosing your PA, keep in mind which component will be the weakest link. If you have speakers rated for 75w and drive them with a 400w power amp, then you won't be able to turn things up to 11 before you krispy your speakers. Try to keep your components fairly matched.