so, im thinking about putting the kent armstrong motherbucker as the bridge pickup and a p90 as the neck pickup on this guitar that im building. after looking around a bit, i found some diagrams on this (http://www.freewebs.com/guitarbuild/wiring.jpg ). but the diagram shows how to wire the motherbucker as a whole while i want to be able to switch between the top half and the bottom half. so, seeing how the official instructions say that motherbucker is kinda like two humbuckers side by side, i made my own diagram that would allow me to switch between the top and the bottom half with a 3-way switch, as well as the p90 pickup with an SPDT switch (im assuming that the p90 combined with the motherbucker wouldn't sound too good, thats why i thought SPDT would be better then a 3-way here). here it is: . i'm not really that experienced with wiring, so my question is, would this work? if not, can you give me any suggestions?
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