I wish you felt how I feel,
to be dealt my only deal
and gamble lung and limb
in one game for the rights
over ownership of heaven,
at a large table of players
all in, and all in- and
while I’m spinnin two sticks
my ears catch a rhythm
of a flick, flick, flick, fire.
Each was tried, judged, acquitted
and now sit here as so called
“EX Cheaters” but
knowing they cheat like wearing three feet
I know how to defeat, a mindless deceit-
give em a reason to re-think and let sink
by flippin the table and taking to the street
givin em more time, with no teeth to eat,
while I lay in heaven, underneath her sheets.
The last line makes the song great for me.

Nice writing mate!

There's riddles in the shadows
They're thrown the way that i'd expect
And people never seem to know
What they least suspect is coming next
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