I have a few ESP cases and they're the cheap generic esp cases that don't really fit the guitars all that well. I had a KH-2 and the only thing I loved about it was the case. So, today I decided to finally order one of the white-lined cases for my EC-1000 since I don't yet have a case for it. While putting the item in my cart, I notice it said 'Discontinued'. Whats the deal with that? Those cases are ****ing amazing. Are they replacing them with something good? I noticed there is still an abundant supply of the garbage cases they sell.
its just a case dude....as long as its sturdy...its whats inside it that counts.....no-ones gonna say...''hey man....cool case!!!'' unless its one of those coffin cases.
I don't give a damn what anybody thinks about my case. It's that the actual ESP cases form fit the guitars perfectly. I don't like my guitar sliding around IN the case, which the ltd cases suck and the guitar slides around inside the case.
I use TKL Les PAul shaped cases for mY ESP EC1000. Form fitting nicely