ive been looking all over the place but i cant find any. if you guys know any or if you are one please tell me. I have lots of problems.

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I'm a therapist. Trust me, I can help you. You have nothing to worry about here.
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Yes, this is why people pay a substantial sum an hour to see therapists.

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Woah guys, this is actually the first post relevant to the thread in a LOOONG time. I applaud you Scotdizzle.

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theres no such thing as therapy. its just people listening to your problems. theyre called friends
im stupid. blahbalhblahblah
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Seriously though, I don't know, you'll probably have to google it or something.
Is there any place where licensed therapists give out free advice instead of getting paid $100 an hour for it?

That makes the most sense ever.

I'm listening.
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There isn't actually.
Some of them are cheaper online, but chances are you won't find much other than another forum for people to talk about their problems.
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