Hey gang. I've got a new bassist, and he needs a new bass because his old squier is falling to crap, and he wants the best bass for the price (under 600 preferably)
What are good basses in this range (I know the Ibanez Soundgear is good whats up with that?)
There's quite a few available options in that range. We need:

Tonal preference
Preferred feel(thick neck, thin neck, wide neck, etc...)
Preferred number of strings
Preferred aesthetic style, if any

Maybe name some bands he like to play, too.
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Soundgears are good. A deluxe Fender P-bass can work well. More details would be helpful.
Style- Rough Tough lead bass, real rock and roll and heavy metal.
Tonal preference - Heavy, thick, powerful, in your face, and upfront. John entwistley
Preferred feel(thick neck, thin neck, wide neck, etc...)- thin neck, easy to play on
Preferred number of strings- Well, unsure, I think he would like a bass with more than 4 strings so 5 or six string recommended
Preferred aesthetic style, if any- no preference
The deluxe P would be good then, or maybe a Schecter in that price range.
A fender Mexican jazz bass is right in his price range/wants. He might also want to consider the fender Aerodyne MIJ (Jazz or Precision), they are the best bass fender makes for that price.

Also, If you looked hard enough, you might be able to find a low-end MIA Fender for that price. Keyword might.