Hey anyone out there who can tell me how this guitar sounds and plays?
Anyone that has played the Alvarez guitars mainly the RD20 and RD20SC
Just wondering.
and how does it match up to the Yamaha and the Washburn
You'll find a ton of reviews here:


I own the RD20SL(lefty) and couldn't be more satisfied with it. My cost for it was $350US. Solid sitka spruce top, laminated mahogeny back and sides. It came all set up, and with a QC tag indicating the measurements for action at 4 spots along the neck.
It plays very well. It sounds even better now than it did new because I changed out the stock plastic bridge saddle for a bone one. That change alone made a world of difference in the tone, sustain, volume of the guitar. Plus the fact that I use Phosphor Bronze strings, it sound gorgeous.
I've had no problems with the guitar to date. It's solidly built and is now close to 5 yrs old. The finish is high gloss and seems to be holding up great.
Accessing the high frets is tough for me on this model as it's a full size dreadnaught, not a cutaway. Playing songs like Canon where a lot of time is spent up in the 12-19th fret area can be a pain. The RD20SC is a cutaway which will help for that.
Great guitar, great price.
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how long does the warranty last?
and I've looked at harmony central. only thing with that site is that most of their reviews are like two years old.
I ordered an Alvarez RD20SC and I got it for $260 "Almost Perfect"
The same things people already said in your other thread.


Quit stressing about your guitar You've already bought it. A good number of people have already told you that it is a great guitar. Just wait for it to arrive and play it yourself I'm sure you will love it.

Until then, please don't make multiple threads for the same topic.

If you just want some reading to do then look here: