so i have this jackson js series dinky, and i just bought it (im kind of a beginner)
and i want to get a gig bag or a case for it
the problem is that, since the headstock is in an angle if you look at the guitar from a side, it has to be a special case, or gig bag
but, i've found out, these cases are RARE!
i've looked up in guitarcenter and musicians friend, but i cant find one

can someone help me find it?

PD.- im kind of poor, so a customized case is not for me
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I use a generic GuitarCenter "Guitar Research" case for my Jackson Soloist, which has a similar headstock angle. If you can't find one, just use a gig bag (padded if you want more security).
skb make pretty decent cases for jackson dinky shaped guitars. i use two for both my dinkys
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Not that hard to find a case. I'd recommend hard case if you plan on taking it places often or putting it away for storage, and a gig bag for taking to practice or leaving around the house.
My DK2 fits into the gig bag that came with my SG.