recently, i had my bass set up by a tech for the first time, and he also put on new strings. I'm concerned because no matter how i mess with the amp and guitar, i can't seem to find that nice warm, rich sound i was hoping for. now i hear the strings alot more.. almost a twang that is unpleasant. Does it take awhile to break in the new strings? how long? could something be wrong with the set up . the strings are now higher off the pickups, but as long as that isnt whats causing that sound, i'm happy with it. thanks for any input.. ruth
Yes, new strings are always twangy with a metallic sound, it should fade with use though.
new strings sound brighter than old ones. i bet you had old crusty beat to death strings on your bass. and you are used to the sound of dead strings. give them some time and these will die also and you'll have that dull dead sound you are used to. otherwise adapt.
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thank you Collapse, that's such a relief nice quick answer to my very first question on UG
There are a couple possibilities as to what is causing the sound. Most likely it is your new strings, but it could be:

- An improper truss rod adjustment leading to a very slight fretbuzz (leading to the twang)
- A lighter string gauge than your used to hearing.

All my money is on the new strings. As for the wear-in time frame, it all depends on the type of string that was put on. Different brands last different lengths of time and have different sounds due to their build structure.

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yes, stevoreno, you're right. my strings were dead. nice to know it was just the strings then. about how many hours of play before they warm up a little .. not die... just sound groovy
i think ruthless is a noob. i did the same thing about 30 yrs ago. changed strings and it sounded weird. just work the strings a bit and life will b fine
All my guitars are old enough to buy beer, are You?
thank you elemenohpee. eases my mind. and yes, i am still learning, and enjoying every second of it, especially now that i've had callouses for awhile lol.
It's funny, I absolutely CRAVE that new-string sound - and more importantly - feel. The only sound of strings I like broken in are nylon flats - they're like brute-force Elixers so they keep the sound clean and warm without becoming stiff and laboured like metal flats. I love those kind of strings.
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i do like the feel of it - for sure. lots more life in the strings.. thanks. man, i have so much to learn. i really don't know anything about all the different brands and types of strings so i will have to check those out.