If he plays good music or not?

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they need all their organs in them
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
a pulse....and when it isn't there, a hole to rape them in. But seriously, T3H SHREDZ0RZZZ!1!!!11
Call me Jack

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LedDaveZeppelin, You are so awesome.
That quality that they possess in which you can boss them around and make them do whatever you want.
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it should sound good, but that is kinda opinion. For me the sound just kinda has to be filling, i dont know another word for it
they must have time.. they should b able to play pretty much when ever u call them (like dragons)
I pressed her thigh and death smiled

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The ability to escape into the guitar and play not with the fingers and the mind, but straight from the soul.
ummm i think everyone is forgetting one thing:


EDIT: ^^^ i think there have only been like 16 people ever born with the potential of doing that and 3 died before the guitar was invented. 4 had all limbs removed after a tragic car accident. and 5 were just lazy ****s who never though about it.
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They should be able to play powerchords and earn heaps of money for posing

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ummm i think everyone is forgetting one thing:


Actually scrap my idea, Yea talent
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I look for feel. Nothing sounds better than a guitarist who really feels what they are playing. Don't get me wrong, I like the guitarists who study guitar and have an immense knowledge of theory and music and take a more technical view on guitar like Vai, but nothing really beats someone who can play with the feel of SRV, Mike McCready, Peter Klett, and most recently Shinedown's past two guitar players Jasin Todd (just watch his live videos and how he puts everything he has into playing guitar) and Nick Perri.

Other than that, I usually run into problems with style of music preferences. I am working with a friend of mine who plays a lot of John Mayer when he does cover songs, which is rare cause he is constantly writing original stuff, and he is the closest I have found to what I want to play which is sort of in the same line as Candlebbox, early acoustic Zakk Wylde, and Shinedown with a heavy blues influence on top of all that.
If they are good in bed.

Nobody wants a bad wrap with the crowd.

"Man, these guys are okay, but I heard their guitarist is an early finisher."