i wanna learn how to flip by just standing still on flat ground (front or back flip)... is there anyone who knows how to and could give me some pointers
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Lower your body and keep yourself as centered as possible (as to not go off axis). Through your arms up while keeping your body totally centered and jump while pulling back. Watch any of the backflips steve-o does, that's the technique you'd need to use to have the highest success rate if you aren't a gymnast.
Practice onto Really soft material (mats, foam, etc.) because landing on your head ****ing sucks. Trampolines are a good starting point, having the bounce to give you more air-time, and a softer landing than dirt if you **** up.
I have yet to see a flat-ground front-flip from anybody who wasn't a gymnast, I'd be interested in how that's possible without landing on your ass.
When you're doing the flip pull your legs in to your chest. Don't land on your head/neck. Try this at home without medical or expert supervision.
really? I can frontflip on flat ground, but i can't backflip. You can't do it completely standing still, you have to put some slight forward momentum on it.

as far as learning is concerned, there are two things to do that really help. one is to practice on a very soft landing spot, and the second is to not try to go straight back right from the start. Try doing a backflip off to the side a bit, so you aren't going completely over. then, once you're getting the hang of it, you can really commit yourself and go straight back.
Everyone can flip!
But no-one can commit!

Basically, if you go for it you'll get it...
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that would have been funny if he wanted to do flips on a skateboard. but way to not even read the thread and make an ass of yourself