I've been dealing with my little hack job set up for too long. I've been pumping tracks from "Backingtracks.com" from my laptop into my amplifier and playing along with it.

I'm more interested in playing everything myself (except drums). Is there any equipment that will allow me to record drum & bass then rhythm, then lead all seperatly, while playing over the top of them pumped through an amplifier?

Is this what a digital 4-track recorder will do for me, or does it require simultanious play?

If I learn the bass, rhythm and lead for a song, how can I get a drum beat to match the original song, or will I have to "settle" for some canned drum beat off of a drum machine?

Should I be thinking of getting some sort of "MIDI" device instead of a drum machine?

This is all just a hobby for me (although I love it), but I will never "form a band" or "play out", at least not for a while. So for me, being able to do it all myself is a must. I've never really cared much about recording and other equipment until now. If you have any suggestions to help me solve my issues, it is greatly appreciated!
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Check out my profile. It's all one mand and i do it all the time.

I would just use a DAW like sonar or cubase. Learn how write drums and pop them in or download premade drum beats. Then record away with a line 6 tone port. I can give your more specific details, but message me cause i am done for the night.
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Audacity allows you to record seperate tracks, then have the tracks you've recorded play as you're recording another.
Adobe Audition is a good program similar to Audacity but like x1000 better, it's worth buying.
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