Hey all,

I put out an ad yesterday asking for a pair of EMG 85's to put in a guitar I'm modding, and lo and behold I got a prompt response from someone who has what I'm looking for today.

Now, my question is would asking 150 Canadian Dollars (approx. 120 USD) as a buying price be fair? As far as I know, they're in basically new condition. I have to get more details, but that seems to be how they are.

I know that individually they retail about 100 new (USD I think)...so I feel like I may be lowballing him.

At the very least, I can put that price out, he offers a higher one, and then we meet in the middle. Honestly though, I think I would walk out of the deal if it got past 175 Canadian.

How does this sound to you folks?
Oh no he just divided by zero again...*gets sucked into vortex*

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150$ used for a pair of EMGs is pretty much standard, atleast here on the Canadian east coast. I know an 81/85 pair just sold for 160$ the other day on a local guitar forum. Myself I wouldn't want to pay much higher than that though, but it's not a high price to pay if EMGs are what you are after. I've been looking at the SD Blackouts and they are 200$ new plus taxes at the guitar shop here in town.
Hell yes. Go for it. A set cost around $205 USD. If they are basically in mint condition you got yourself a bargain!