Set of pickups I pulled out of my SZ520, they are marked duncan/ibanez on the front and from what I learned googling they are as follows:

HB103B Based off SH-6 Duncan Distortion - Bridge position

HB101N Based off SH-1 '59 - Neck position

Plenty of lead wire left on both. I'd like to sell as a set only, $40.


Bridge humbucker from my Fender MIM Fat strat. $15 for this one.


Boss ME-20 multieffect unit, good condition with a few scratches here and there. Sounds a lot less digital that other multi's I've tried. I owned and tried the GT-8 side by side with this and this sounds a bit closer to an actual stompbox. $120


Prices do not include shipping and I will also consider trades. Thanks for looking.
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