I was thinking of putting a bigsby on my epi les paul and wanted to know if there is anything i should know about pros, cons and what should i get cuz there are multiple s and i wanted to know the differences.thx in advance.
They look good (well most people think they do. I don't like them)
There pretty indestructible

They have a very small range of movement, there good for small flutter
There massive (dont know if thats a con though )
They DO keep in tune well
They work great
Look awesome

They weight a ton and can make a guitar feel really heavy
Different to play on at first
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they would be the same except one would be made to fit archtop body and one to fit flat solid bodys (thats my guess)
Really there are only two major disadvantages to Bigsbys...

1) Range of movement allows maybe a whole step of bend AT MOST
2) The bar tends to get in the way more and is less intuitive than that of a strat style trem.

Otherwise they're great. I have a 1966 Silvertone hollow-body with one on it and that guitar kicks @$$...

Oh and the silver one is clearly $25 cooler, which makes it a deal!
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