So I've done everything I know to do on my Squier MB-5's neck. I've shimmed it, put a feirly thick washer under the truss-rod nut, and cranked it down as far as I dared. I have light gauge half-rounds on it. After I put the nut under it, the action got down to an acceptable level....but now, two weeks later, it's back up to full height. I can't find a neck that I know will fit it. (22 fret overhang,)

So what options do I have?
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live with the high action, and get a new bass once you can afford it?
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May seem like a stupid question, but have you tried adjusting your bridge?

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I had it adjusted right before the neck bowed again, but now that my neck resembles a ski jump there's not much that I know to do with it...

I have two other basses too, but one is a fretless 4-string, and the other is a 4-string acoustic/electric....neither of them sound or feel anything like this one, and neither has a B string.
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are you sure you turned the truss rod the right way? a neck won't bow like youve described with a fully tightened truss rod
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That's what I thought too...but it did. It was down to acceptable (not perfect) height at one point, but it pulled back into its bow...I'm afraid the truss rod is stripped.
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take it to a professional?

edit: a non-chain store professional
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Were you able to scrap enough pennies to purchase a camera?

I'd love to see a picture D:.
I have a decent(not great) camera on my phone...I'll get a picture later today.
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