Hello all

i am looking for a new amp, i would like the amp to have atleast 2X12" speakers, but also Bigger is BetterXD,
i play metal such as
Bring me the horizon
Parkway drive
i killed the prom queen ect.....
i have $2000AUS to spend, and i will be Useing a Zoom G9.2TT MFX pedal on it...
i also dont want one of them amps that have a heep of FXs in them
what would You recomend solid state or tube for metal??
Thanks, aaron
Wrong forum.

Wrong bands

Go to GG&A and ask there.

But...Peavey, ENGL, Mesa, VHT, Diezel, even some Marshalls.

But yeah...wrong forum.
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edit: GG&A forum man. I use a Crate GT212 and it's pretty good. No effects on it, either.
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