Alright. Ever get into an argument about something that completely changes into something else? Yeah. So I need the help of the great Pit. Just hear out the argument. And tell me whos right.

We started arguing about whether or not Blastoise or Charizard was more popular. A perfectly acceptable thing to argue about right? /sarcasm But it's now boiled down to an argument about the definition of fact and opinion.

My friend says: "I know for a fact that the majority of the people in the world that like the pokemon franchise prefer Charizard to Blastoise."

I say: "While it is a strong possibility that the majority of the said people would prefer Charizard to Blastoise, you cannot possibly know and be positive 100 percent that that statement is true because you have not surveyed everyone in the world who likes pokemon."

The rest of the argument is basically Can too, cannot can too cannot.

So tell me Pit. Regardless of your personal opinon on the matter of the three pokemon starters, which of us is right in this matter?
for something like this a fact requires perfect information. if you dont have the perfect information, you have a supposition, or a projection, or an assumption. i dont think you'd call it an opinion, tho.

anyway, hes wrong because blastoise is better. but wartortle is better still, and squirttle is even better than both of them.

edit: am i the only one that thinks its squirttle>wartortle>blastoise? im a sucker for sunglasses and little wings on your head. besides, blastoise's tail is lame as hell.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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Charizard WAS way more popular. Whether this meant more people actually liked it more than Blastoise, yeah, no one knows.
Alright yeah. So can I please just get some closure on this ****. I know this is the Pit and everything, and logic isn't exactly... well yknow. But cmon am I not right here?
charizard cuz his pokemon card rulz
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Gah.. i hate how the pokemon look awesome in their starter form and are so damn ugly when they evolve... but charmander anytime over squirtle.
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You should familiarize yourself with "Qualifiers" in argument. By saying the "Majority" of people feel that way (as opposed to ALL) he is leaving room for you, and any other "minority" of people who may disagree*.

I'd say he's actually correct in his logic, however, his assertion is opinion based.

Why are you arguing over such asinine crap anyway? Complain about new taxes and "bailouts."

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Charizard was more popular, mostly due to the prestige of the card. You can use sample data to make claims, it's statistically possible if you have a large enough sample set.

That said, Blastoise was definitely my starter of choice.
Dude, seriously, just because Blastoise is a water Pokemon and has a damage modifier towards Charizard's fire element does NOT mean that he is superior. It is obvious that Charizard is the better species and thereby: You have lost.

P.S- And with that last sentence, I lost the game...