creating a thread after a long time here...

but yeah check these cats out, it's essentially a Jonas Hellborg project, where he enlisted axeslinger Matthias Eklundh, along with drummer Niclas Campagnol. These guys gigged as a trio in Mumbai (Bombay), India in 2005/2006 and some of my friends over there had a chance to catch them and were raving about it. I myself got hold of the soundboard mix from one of the shows and was very impressed.

They eventually recorded an album in 2007 with Johanssen bros (ex-Yngwie alumni), with Jens on keyboard, and Anders on drums. Adding the finishing touch to the project was South Indian Carnatic percussion wiz V. Selvaganesh (Remember Shakti).

Jonas Hellborg himself had said once, that he could never again play with another guitar player (besides Shawn Lane and John McLaughlin), but his creative drive to go enlist an essentially "metal" guitar player and integrate it within an Indo-Jazz fusion sonic template worked wonders. I highly recommend this album.