Ok I'll just edit the whole post:

I'm looking for a new amp since when I moved I had to sell everything except for my guitar. Back then I was using a laney vc15 with a variety of pedals (gt-8, metal muff etc). I felt that didn't have enough gain to play power metal etc.

Price Range: Up to £400, doesn't have to be that much, but i'd also be willing to go slightly over

Tone: Should be able to do power metal. Fav. two bands are kamelot (love that sound) and dream theater (love everything about it... but something close to the metal/rhythm will do ^^ I know, it's not easy).

Features: I was thinking of an amp of 5-15 watts. Doesn't need 2 channels, but i wouldn't mind if it had them. I was looking at a laney lc-15 before, which doesn't sound all that bad. Anybody have experience with a laney l5t?

Any suggestions very welcome.
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