I have a question, im looking at building a double footswitch for my Boss ME-50, does anyone know whether it uses SPST or DPDT switches?

It basically takes a stereo jack from the effects unit and passes it into a seperate double footswitch to change patches or switch some effects on and off.

The jack input confuses me a little also, there are 3-pole kinds and 2-pole kinds, switched or unswitched?

Could anyone give me some guidance on this?

Much appreciated..
Wouldn't it be easier just to buy one? They're not expensive...

A footswitch is usually just a stereo jack attached to two ratchet switches. As long as you can break and un-break the signals, though, you can build it any way you want. I spent like an hour entertaining my self by plugging a stereo cord into my amp's footswitch jack and using a paperclip to bridge the contacts....with some duct tape and ingenuity, i could have MacGyver'd a footswitch from only that.
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If it's just a two switch system, I imagine it's something similar to this:

Both are SPST latching switches. That is a Valveking footswitch, by the way, but I'm pretty sure it's just a standard two button system.
Thanks for the update, I'll get some spst switches and give it a go.

I dont fancy buying one as there £40 for what i can see is 2 switches and jack, plus the boss footswitches look terrible...

Thanks for your help..