Hello again. Yet another song from me in the rock / metal / progressive vein. It does have lyrics about modern society (hence the title!).

Crit for crit!

Also I live in Brisbane, Australia - I realize this isn't the right forum but if you do find this tab interesting contact me if your living close by!

Cheerio then!
Modern Life.zip
Simple Yet Effective! very nice man! the synth beats acceuntated the song brillantly. reminded me of 65daysofstatic but heavier! kinda like karnivool!

really great work! everthing flowed! 9/10!!!
"We carry death out of the village!"
Thanks for Critting Destory The Toilet.

The intro was pretty slow, and it's very dissoanant. I'm not sure, lyrics would probably really improve it. Everything was solid until the chorus, I didn't like it that much. I'm not sure if it was the chords or what, also one of the instruments hit on like an accented note, then the drums hit on an accented not, but they were different accents, and it gave it a really weird like... syncopation.

It was good, my only suggestion would be to cange the chorus around, sync up those 1 and 3 beats with the 2 and 4 ones. Maybe it's just me, but it was odd.

Otherwise the song was good, I always liked the intsrument section, with the climb up on the guitar.
Oh wow. I really enjoyed this song. For one reason or another, it was really good. It has a good dance vibe to it, but keeps the rock part of it strong. I love the darkness of it. It gives it a good mood. My favorite part is the 5/4 section, and the part after the 5/4, 4/4 changes. Those were my definite favorites.

The only real gripe I have with this song is that the chorus in the beginning comes in too strong. You should add a transition in between the intro and the first chorus. That would make the song amazing.

Have you ever heard of a j-rock band called D'espairs Ray? This really reminds me of their earlier work. Like specifically the song Garnet.

Overall, i'd give this a 9/10. Just some minor transition problems, but nothing more than that. :] Very well done. I hope the lyrics are dark ;] That would be the only lyrics that would fit, in my opinion.

C4C? The song in my sig called Manifestation. You can do the other one if you'd like as well. It's darker.
im gold coast tool, opeth FNM are my favs! play guitar going on 5 years but my real passion is singing... if your interested.. I have some idea's in GP5 format I could send you....