I'm fairly new to building, this is gonna be my first build ever, so yeah, I have a dilemma.

I bought a guitar neck from eBay fairly cheap, it fits standard strat pocket size. But I don't wanna build a strat, I wanna make a "custom" shape, so I did this.

(dont mind the pickups)

I used this file http://www.adrive.com/public/9a05423d880041f70be56eede44234fd4ab27d5ccc5ea6d0287b86adbcfc3df8.html

and resized the image of a Rickenbacker to fit there.

Now, my questions are, is the original strat file in actual size? cause I'm gonna be printing this and I want to be sure.

I'm also gonna put a Jazzmaster tailpiece and an adjustomatic bridge in it, the little square is for the bridge, but I don't know the routing template for the jazz tailpiece, can anyone offer me any help there?

Thanks for listening!
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Do you have the strat neck? If so surely you can just print out your body design the size you want and then draw on the neck pocket and design it all around that. The neck pocket doesnt have to be on the template/design you print out, good old fassion pen and paper works too

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If you look in my thread, where you got that file, it say's its too scale.
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