Im looking to learn some clasical metal but im not sure where to start.
Hit me up with some musicians that do justice to the music.
and no bato.
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inb4 yngwie

EDIT: dammnit
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might want to look into jason becker or marty friedman (his first album is very neoclassical imo)

a lot of power metal bands like heavenly and sonata arctica have some pretty neoclassical moments too
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two words JASON BECKER ... i have no doubt im my mind that he very well would have (if he didnt already) become the greatest guitarist of all time. The work he put out (along with marty friendman is astonishing and of a complexity rivaling mozart or beethoven and i do believe he belongs in the same class as those. Bear in mind almost all his music was before he was in his early twenties before he was stricken with als. If you havent already heard his song Altitudes then find it NOW .... but just to warn you everything you will ever hear after will FAIL miserably in comparison... also try Images, Opus Pocus, and anything off of perpetual burn ... he didnt get to put much out but its quality not quantity. LONG MAY YOUR SPIRIT LIVE ON JASON!!!
i forgot to mention a few more songs Dwellar in the Cellar by Becker and Eleven Blue Egyptians features amazing work by Becker and Friedman,,,oh and Jewel (some songs may be listed under Cacaphony as that was his band with Friedman) and i might add Friedmans Dragons Mistress is awesome. Cant you tell im a fan?
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something wild by

or hatebreeder

they have some amazing neoclassical parts
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