heya, I'm not new into guitars but i wouldn't say I'm very experienced either. just so you know.

anyways, I've got a electric guitar, it's an Vintage Les Paul and playing this through a roland micro cube if you wonder. however, the strings on my guitar feels loose. not much, just enough to make it annoying and harder to play. it's the original strings atm and i don't know the size or anything of them. I really want to have more attached strings cause' it feels a lot better in my opinion.

do you have any suggestions what I do? maybe I've tuned it wrong or anything, please try to help me here. if anything is unclear please just tell me and I'll try to explain further.

It's probably got 9's on it - Les Pauls have a shorter scale length than Strats and their ilk so the same gauge will feel tighter on the Strat, stick a set of 10's on it.

Unless its your first electric after playing an acoustic, in which case yes, the strings will feel a lot lighter, because they are a lot lighter.
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alright thanks, it's actually my first electric after playing acoustic but i've tried other guitars which i like a lot more. I'll guess I'll cruise down to the music store tomorrow and ask them for new strings, thanks.

if there's anything else, like hints or something just tell me, it's always good.
even if you have thick strings they loosen over time, if youve had them for more than 3 months its time to change the strings. Also, if you're not tuned to Standard, your strings will be loose. I have a retarded friend who plays in Drop C with 9's. Get some heavier strigns if you like tight strings, 10's or 11's should do. I like tight strigns as well because I need a tight bottom for galloping and speed picking.
I'm experiencing a smiliar problem. Sometimes I get really into my guitar playing, and I start to strum really hard, but then it starts to feel like they are kind of getting loser and I knock the strings out of tune. I thought it might of been my guitar, but I do have really thin strings, so getting bigger ones may help. Thanks for the input!
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