I am having trouble getting my bolt on neck to sit properly. IF I just bolt it on I get mega high action. I put in a small shim and the action over all is a little better but still a little high so I adjust the saddles and the strings fret out on the upper frets. I go to adjust the truss and it is playable but some of the high strings will fret out when bending notes. HELP any hints or protocol for bolting this on properly would be great appreciated.
theres a few things you can do:
Route the neck pocket deeper.
Add shims in the neck pocket as close to the end of the neck pocket as possible towards the bridge, this gives your neck a neck angle. You will then need to raise the saddles a bit so that they go down the neck with out any buzz
How straight is your neck, necks usually have a small up bend (relief) if you adjust your neck to being dead straight and use a few shims to give your neck a neck angle, you should be good to go.

Hope you understand :S
I saw online that the standard shim is about the thickness of a credit card so I used a strip of credit card for a shim and it was too thick. The strings fretted out at the end of the fret board. THis was with the saddles at almost the maximum height.
well use something smaller than a credit card. Maybe 1 or 2 picks (depending on the thickness)
I'm not keen on using shims. Check that truss rod first if rge neck seems to be too concave. Um, you are getting the screws in good and tight? I've seen a few people try to just fix them with an electric screwdriver. Not really enough for a guitar neck.
Ok tomorrow I will give it a shot and try smaller shims. I tighten the neck by hand tightening it. I will also check the truss rod again. Thanks for the hints