We are a metal band from Queensland, Australia. The band was formed for a purpose, to pay tribute to a friend who lost their life late 2007. We have released our first demo track 'My Final Breath' which is up on our MySpace now. We are about to commence work on a second song to complete our demo cd. Our current demo track was self recorded. Please no negative, useless feedback. Constructive criticism welcome but just remember the track on our MySpace is only a demo.


Gear: MBOX 2 w/ Pro Tools LE 8, Yamaha PSR-275 Keyboard, Apple iMac, Rode M1 Dynamic Mic, Legacy Axis 6 Studio Condenser Mic, Peavey Studio Pro 112, JTS NX-2 Kick Drum Mic, Ibanez SAS36FM, Greg Bennett Fairlane Bass, Squier Bullet Strat.