Hey I was wondering if there were any good death metal "love" songs out there? my boyfriend and i are really into metal, he's more into the deathside of things and im more into the heavy metal side of things, but that doesnt mean that we dont like both sides or differet types. however, its really hard to find good death metal "love" songs i was wondering if you guys knew any songs that fit this discription. they can be as twisted as you like bc so far my list consist of stuff like GWAR's "Hate Love Songs" and Rammstein's "Hireter Mich" (hope i spelled that right). i'm open to anything no matter how twisted as long as it has a underlining or very hiden theme of love. so any suggestion?
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1. *Heirate Mich
2. Rec thread.
3. Rammstein = different forum
4. Strapping Young Lad - Love? solves all problems.
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That whole album has a really love feel to it....
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Cannibal Corpse - Necropedophile.

It's about one man's love of dead children.
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