A ten minute instrumental piece. consisting of a four acoustic guitars, backed in the second half of the song by a string quartet. It builds and dies many times over a progession of different themes.

Some of the later parts arent perfect, some of the strings sections dont quite mix well with the guitars in parts.

Will C4C if requested. Going to bed soon, so dont expect it right away.
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well, it a good, piece, but still needs much work to fix some spots, or add something in order to make it more diverse.
in the intro, well, the Am on Dm sounds good, but not entirely, yet again its your decision.the bass picking needs some adjustments, id say replacing the F# with an F and the B with a A#, i think it sounds better this way.
i know its hard to crit, as you have in mind somethin and were offering maybe other things
Some parts get a bit too long and tend to be a bit boring, try to find some chords alteration to overcome this.
the acoustic solos are the key of this piece, they are great, but feel free to add some even faster parts, i think it sounds better on acoustic
i like how the piece builds, from low to high intense moments, also the breaks with E5 and G5 chords are unusual for acoustic, which is great in my opinion.Again, the part after that is my fave, fast and with good rhythm.The strings fit well i think, getting 8 men to play this in a quiet room would definately be epic, jaw-dropping, knowing how GP wont let the soul of the piece reveal
you need to think and remake the ending, its too sudden and needs something else.
I think that with some work, you'll get a nice piece.

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Going to bed soon, so dont expect it right away.

Night is an inspiring moment for you too? heh, i stood up to like 3 once to put some things i had in mind into GP.
man, good effort!
Will you be so kindly to crit my piece ?its in the sig