Well youre not drinking so i dont see the problem. Also you can go in bars when youre 18 you just cant drink.
i don't know, i just wanted to say haha!
you have to be so old over there. Go England!
Well, go Austria... February is going to be gooooood....
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Ah **** see we're only 16.... guess we're going to have to pull some Van Halens and some Beatles... What stories those would be
Well the general rule where I live is everyone must be at least 18 to play in a bar. And most are very strict about how they treat 18-20 year olds. They make them up to make sure no one gives them any alcohol, and they make you sign a form stating that if you are drunk at the end of the night they are allowed to hold your equipment until you're sober.
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i dont think there is much of a problem with it. ive been playing bars since i was 15 but they were all ran by people ive known all my life so that may have been a reason. sorry i couldnt help ya more man
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Ah **** see we're only 16....

In the UK, you can legaly drink alcohol with a meal in a pub at the age of 14.....

..... good innit!
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In the UK, you can legaly drink alcohol with a meal in a pub at the age of 14.....

..... good innit!

God damn it, us convicts have to be 18.
Here in the States, you'll generally have to be of age. You don't necessarily have to be of drinking age but I doubt minors will be allowed to play. Check your state laws though. Push comes to shove, call a bunch of bars and ask. Take what they say with a grain of salt. Many people, who should know better, don't know the truth and will just give you can asspull.
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In Wisconsin you can drink as long as a guardian is within 10ft of you. Don't know about playing bars, though. Maybe if they have a seperate dining area?
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well, theres no legal law, its going to be a per-bar basis. some bars dont allow under 18, some dont allow under 21, but generally if your playing there, they let you in to play, but not drink
I'm not sure about America, but it's different in every province in Canada. Here in Alberta you only have to be 18 to drink but in BC and Saskatchewan you have to be 19. Which is kinda weird. My sister can drink here but if she goes a few kilometers east or west, she can't.
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