New to the forum and I do this on ebay usually but I thought I would give this a shot before I incur all those friggin fees again. Check my feedback on EBAY Jaytrisum thanx.

Parker PM20 single cut custom Seymour Duncan Full shred bridge original pup included. Neck thru. This thing plays awesome!!! one string ferrel missing no biggie 5 bucks for a set on ebay. Padded gig bag included. $450.00 obo.

ESP LTD Alexi Laiho signature model Alexi-200. Emg Hz pup. Custom white bevels are vinyl so they are removeable. Comes in a ESP OHSC $400.00.

Ibanez VBT-700 V-blade *Discontinued model* Only sold for a year due to and old Gibson lawsuit though they look nothing alike to me. Originally designed for the boy's in Dragonforce. Has Dimarzio Activators! Neck thru. No case. $450.00 obo.

Sorry pix arent great camera on my Iphone. Pm me with any questions or for more pix. I can dig out my digi camera.
That Alexi 200 is pretty cool.

I have a Schecter C-1 Elite. You interested in trade maybe?