My ****ing Ibanez GRG-170DX ****fest edition guitar resumed making it's trademark "buzzing" noise, you know the one you often get when you're plugging the jack in? I get that when I'm moving around etc. the input is tighten very good, and I just had some guy fix the wireing, and it STILL makes the ****ing noises, could it be a wiring problem? Input? or the jack is ****ed?

Damn, I'm so pissed now, I always have a ****ing problem with my guitars, DAMN!!
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Test cables and your amp.

EDIT - Or anything like effects units. Test your set-up with another guitar, if theres a proplem replace all the cables, if it persists try it with another amp if not then its a paradox.

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Hey mate i had same problem on my 170dx

Turns out my tone knob was on the fritz when turned all the way to one side the volume cuts out

Dont know why it happend

Its A Bitch
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