i posted another thread about new bands i would like judging on my favorite bands
king diamond
cradle of filth
dimmu borgir
my favorite songs are the ones with fast tempo and fretwork all around like magic by king diamond heres an example from that song
E]2-2222---2---222-----------0000---0-----7-5-4-5-7-0 ect
awsome song. and songs like "the death of love" by "cradle of filth"
so if you got any songs you think i'll like put it down i'm not looking for the bands i listed above or
lamb of god
iced earth
iron maiden
mercyful fate
i already know those bands well enough
also if this place is only for me it's for other metal lovers looking for tabs
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these bands include the fastness you are looking for but a lot of these have more technicality

i will put a ** in front of my favorites that you MUST check out

**Beneath The Massacre
The Black Dahlia Murder
Firewind (this is lighter but still great guitar)
Machinemade God
Maggot Stuffed **** (joke band but still great and technical)
**Meshuggah (for many weird timed tempo and meter changes)
Thine Eyes Bleed
Winds of Plague

ENJOY!!!... if ya want to talk about anything else i come on UG occasionally, but you can add me at www.myspace.com/chrislazzaro