I'm considering at selling my v-16 because, as great as it is, and as much as I like it, it's not exactly what I'm looking for. It's great for blues and hard rock, and I like that I can crank it and not break my eardrums, but its lack of: effects loop, thrash tones, loud cleans, and usable reverb makes me want to consider selling it and buying another similarly priced amp.
I've been considering several options, and these seem the most plausible:
b-52 at112-350ish
Peavey Windsor(used) + 212=330
Ashdown Peacemaker+212-can't remember price
Windsor studio-275
Which of these would you pick for hard rock/thrash/occasional blues/clean?
And If I bought the windsor, I'd do the mod to make it get some cleans.
Any other sub-350 suggestions? Anybody know where I can find a b-52, because they're out of stock everywhere I look? Also, how much do you expect a like new v16 would sell for?
And I really don't want a valveking.
Well, I would say with whay you listed I'm not sure.

tbh I don't have a lot of experience with the B52. People say you can do blues with it but I'm not sure if it will be the kind of blues you get with your V16.

The Windsor won't have the best loud cleans but can def get loud (maybe use guit vol knob) and is at a great price right now (head is $250 I think, 1/2 sack is $399).

Never played a Windsor Studio but if I had to guess I would say it is similar to what you have now. No familiatity with the Ashdown so bump. I would check eBay and Gear Sales forums for good price. $200 maybe?

What is your budget? Do you gig?

I guess I would check your local craigslist first for a Classic 30. The Palomino 50s are on clearance too right now. Can you list some bands you like in the Blues and then Thrash catagories? How heavy?

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I've done some more research, and I've changed my mind a bit. I've got a budget of around 350 or so, and I'm looking for an amp that can go from metallica-ish heavy to a good clean sound. It doesn't need super loud cleans, but I really want some cleans. I was pretty set on the b52, then realized I can't buy one anywhere, so it's off the list. I'm worried about the cleans from the windsor and the quality of the windsor studio. I liked the ashdown, but it's about $200 out of my budget.
I need the ability to return it as well, incase I can't end up selling my palomino.
As of now, the windsor seems to be the only feasible option aside from keeping my amp, unless I can find an at112 or a cheap cab to go with a blackstar ht5.
My other option would be to buy a blackstar htdistx pedal, but I think I'll wait for a b52 to show up at musicgoround.