i have a strat style guitar. i just put a new set of ernie ball strings on and when i fret the 5th fret it makes a weird sound like its vibrating. so i put some cotton on the springs inside the body and that didn't solve my promlem. i put some vaseline on the nut so the strings wouldn't bind but that didn't help. is it possible i got a bad string. any ideas on how to fix this problem i paid 15 bucks for the strings i used the same gauge. first time with this problem. solutions please.
Assuming you did literally 'just put' them on, just leave them. When I put new strings on they sound like they're vibrating, once they stop detuning themselves they sound fine and that sound goes.
It happens. Then it doesn't... It's part of life.
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Stretch the strings. For each one in turn, fret somewhere around the 9th fret and bend it a good 1.5 to 2 full tones. When you release the bend you'll be slightly out of tune. Retune and repeat; when it stops going out of tune, the string is stable.
Stretch and retune, stretch and retune.

Are they the same gauge as you last strings? You may want to consider action or intonation problems.