i kno mattanderson111, did this but that was for metalcore/hardcore, i'm looking for some people to collaberate on a prog metal song, you know, songs that are like 6 minutes plus and have a common theme, **** like that, the way it'll work is each person will submit a power tab/ guitar pro tab one riff at a time (or idea) and the team will come to a consensus about it. If they like it it sticks and build from there, i'm not doing a conpetition, more like a project, like mattanderson111 said before its a good idea to use aim or yahoo or msn messemger, i dont have MSN messenger so if people could get aim 6 its absolutely free so, just post here if your interested

the project will go as follows
rhythm guitar
lead guitar

any questions or comments just post

thank you

the Song can have any style of elements like blues, metal thrash, no pop/punk/techno stuff though. thanks for te cooperation
Here it is:
Any one who wants to do this its the same way as MattAnderson111's but its not a competition, just let me know if you're up to it, its just for fun and we will all show eachother are songs and give crits for them. just look at MattAnderson111's to the rules and stuff, sorry if i was too blunt before. oh and my AIM screen name is relicyoung1990, and yahoo, bloodbrutha61009@yahoo.com.