Hey guys. I've just bought one of these Dimarzio straps and I can't seem to install it. I installed the first strap lock fine near, the one near the neck but I'm having trouble with the one on the bottom of the guitar. My guitar is a Jackson RR5 by the way.

Basically when I assemble it and start screwing in the screw, it gets down to the bottom but doesn't tighten - it just turns in place. It's far too loose at this point, I can pull it out without even needing to unscrew it. I noticed when I unscrewed it that a lot of dust came out with it, not sure what happened there - it didn't happen with the first stap lock.

Could it be that the screw they provided (I'm using the smaller chrome ones, not the big black ones - it looks the same as the ones that were currently in my guitar but a bit longer) aren't long enough?

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try the black ones, i had the same problem with my ibanez and used the black screws and its extremely sturday
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Quote by Maggot3000
try the black ones, i had the same problem with my ibanez and used the black screws and its extremely sturday

They won't fit and I really don't feel like drilling holes in my guitar
here's what you do
get 3 tooth picks
dip them in Elmer's Wood Glue (or any type of wood glue for that matter)
stick them in the strap lock hole in your guitar
if there's any length of tooth pick sticking out of the hole then break them off
wipe off any amount of glue that may have gotten onto the body of your guitar
then screw in the strap lock screw

you don't want to fill the hole completely, cuz then you'll have to re-drill the strap screw hole. so maybe you'll only need to use 1 or 2 tooth picks
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Get some toothpicks and wood glue! Put some glue on the toothpick put it in the hole break it off flush. (or cut it) Then put the straplock on and screw it down in. Problem solved!! No need to drill a new hole.
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Thanks guys, but I've sorted it. I was installing the strap locks wrong.

There was a gold bushing already inside the end of the strap, and I was using the black ones too. Are they extras or something? Well I just put the screw straight through strap and put a washer on the other end and it screwed in fine. Feels very sturdy anyway.