Poll: Which option will be best for home practising?
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View poll results: Which option will be best for home practising?
Vox AD30VT
6 16%
Roland Cube 30
22 58%
Orange Crush 15R/Vox Pathfinder 15R + Line 6 Pocket Pod
9 24%
Orange Crush 15R/Vox Pathfinder 15R + Zoom G2
1 3%
Voters: 38.
I need something to play in my home with. I need good overdrives and distortions. Which option will be best for me? Vote and reason your vote.
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It depends on what kind of music do you play and how much money you can spend...
And, really, there's no "best" option, you should compare gear and decide, which options do you like.
I, personally, use Boss GT-8 processor, and I like, how it sounds and works. I also have a Boss DS-1 pedal, but I don't use it very often.
probably the cube 30
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Try the Blackstar HT pedals.

I use my HT-Dual though a Spider 2 and it sounds awesome. They're pedals with valves built in. I thought I'd mention them as mine makes my solid state amp sound much nicer.

Blackstar make a combo and head version of the HT 5, a 5w valve amp. They're based on the preamp of the HT-Duals and apparently sound awesome. I'm thinking of buying one in the future.

Hope that helps
i jus ordered a cube 30 hopefully shood b here very soon

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The only options are these listed in poll. I play mostly rock, hardrock, from time to time metal.
Well, honestly, I haven't played on the listed poll... So, the only advice I can give is to try all of them(in the store, for example), and decide, which one you like more. In the end, you will play them, so YOU should like your gear)))
I wouldn't have any of them because in the home you don't need an amp at all. I'd agree with AM_Nexus, get a multi FX processor and a good set of headphones and you'll have more tonal options and better quality than any small amp can ever dream of.
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I can buy Pod 2.0 instead Pocket Pod, but I don't which cheap combo amp choose. Vox Pathfinder 15R, Orange Crush 15R, Kustom Dual 30RC, Kustom Double Barrel or H&K Edition Blue 15R. Which amp shall i choose?
H&K or one of the kustoms.
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Ok. I have another one question - will tube amp good work with mfx like POD 2.0? Or better is transistor combo?
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Ok. I have another one question - will tube amp good work with mfx like POD 2.0? Or better is transistor combo?

It will work fine...
get pocket pod + active speaker

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