fender strats are realy nice guitars... go for it
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do you play the metal screamo or the whiney emo screamo?

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Are you going to be playing shows or just playing in your home ?

I tried the Half-Stack and the thing I didn't like was that is was not heavy enough at low volume, combine with the not so heavy sounding Stratocaster I don't think you will get real heavy metal sound.

And for the punk, I know that many punk-rockers were using maple neck to get a crispier sound, so the rosewood neck might not be the best for you.
its a fat strat... it will be as heavy sounding as an ibanez
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aww yeah go for it
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x2 on all the yes answers
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Yes, go for it, Fender = Win
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I'm with DeltaFunk
Should work yust fine , expecialy Blink 182 songs at clean drive
I like Fender, so yes. It fits your genres, so yes. It's a good guitar, so yes.

That work? ;P

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I think the only way to find out would be to play it. It would do the job really nicely, but you might hate the feel of the neck, or you might just hate the sound played through your amp.

So yeah. It would do the job and do it nicely, just make sure it's the right for you.
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I would rather use an amp's natural gain and an OD pedal for rhythm instead of the clean channel with distortion piled on, but whatever sounds best to you is what you should go with.
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Just go by how it feels. It will feel very different from the Les Paul. You'll probably want to change the pickups since they won't be high output so don't worry about how it sounds.
buy it and coil-tap the bridge pick-up and you'll get just about any tone you want out of it. A decent luthier can do it for you pretty cheap installing a push/pull pot. I had my HH modded (both pickups split, two pots) and set up with new strings for $75 USD.