So, I'm kinda young an all. I get home from school at 1 cause I'm only 7. I spend my days just playing with my playstation and kicking ball about. Anyway, today, I was pretty bored, and my mum had got drunk again, so I tried to cook, but I couldn't. I was sitting in my room, and this kid walks past. He seemed kinda pissed an was lookin at the ground, so I decided that I'd throw the food at him, and I can't cook well, and it sucked.

Anyway, this pussy jerk just kept walking. What sort of kid just walks past without doing anything? Seemed kinda a weakling. Best bit was, he came back later and by this stage my mama was sleeping on the sofa after taking her iced teas (she calls it her long island iced tea cause she says she used to like visiting there).

Could I get in trouble cause this guy lives in the same council estate that I do, and I don't want to meet a pussy like him in the street in case I want to kick his ass, and he'd then get the police on me. I'm only 7 but I don't want to get in trouble til I grow up and go to high school.
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