Ok, so my V50 has an effect return and send on it. My gear goes in this order:
Tuner, volume swell, wah, tubescreamer, distortion, fuzz, line 6(delay pedal), amp.
Should I just run everything minus the line 6 straight into the input, then run the line 6 in and out of the effect loop return and send?
Guitar -> Tuner -> Wah -> Tubescreamer -> Fuzz -> Distortion -> Amp

Send -> Line 6 Delay -> Volume -> Return

Try that out.
it will work like a master volume then, where as if you put it before you can use it as a clean boost to drive your amp harder
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I have a question.

On my 5150, I use the effects loop, but sometimes when the effects are on it has a small pop before anything is played. I don't know how to explain it other than that. This doesn't happen when I put in between the guitar and the amp.

Any ideas?
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why put the volume where you did?

Its after all of the other effects which means you wont lose gain, only volume, when swelling.
It also allows you to control the volume of the delay.
Which can give you some prety cool ideas.
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awesome. Thanks guys i'm gonna go try it out right now

Just a hint.

Tremelo picking a high harmonic with the volume pedal at minumum and delay pedal on.
With high feedback on the Delay and low D. Time.
Then stop playing and slowly turn up the volume pedal.

This is a pretty cool sound you can do with distortion of clean.