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82 31%
186 69%
Voters: 268.
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Off to the pub tonight, I don't think I'll have many.
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Yeah, trust me. We know.

I'm on the wagon indefinitely.

Last time I got drunk I shot a hole in my front door.
Not one of my finer moments.
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Off to the pub tonight, I don't think I'll have many.


although tomorrow I believe there's a house party goin' down
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No, but i'll be getting high on life..
Oh Yeah!

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No, i'm not and I never will.

I feel sorry for you. Are you ever gonna have sex?
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Oh yeah, probably not too plastered though. A rather fine looking female friend of mine invited me to a party tonight
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No, i'm not and I never will.


I'm not, but I'm gonna smoke a lot of weed. I only get drunk about once every 2-3 months.
It's likely.
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Probably, most likely off to the pub this evening, and I'll have a few more when I get back home. I doubt I'll get drunk on Saturday, though; and I'm revising on Sunday.
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is there something special this weekend?
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No, i'm not and I never will.

Aye, same.

Might have one drink tomorrow IF United thrash Spurs.
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No, but i'll be getting high on life..

I've built up a tolerance.

Yes, I definitely will. Hopefully with my friends, but if not, I've got some whiskey safely tucked away.

For medicinal purposes, I assure you.
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It's likely.

you are always drunk.

and as for my answer, yes. i probably will. i assuming that it will be a party one night and bar the other.
It's likely.
Gotta love them beers.
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I am as its my 18th birthday im gonna be a mess

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probably am going to. im thinkin a nice 26er of sambuca.
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I am as its my 18th birthday im gonna be a mess

Have fun but don't go too much overboard, being too much of a mess is never fun

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probably am going to. im thinkin a nice 26er of sambuca.

Most the people I know hate that stuff, I find it quite tasty, I don\t mind the taste of black liquorice
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yea, im not gonna be getting drunk. i will be plenty baked till tomorrow probably though. picked up a couple g's of the kron today
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Probably not. Still feel rough as **** from last night... never know really though nowadays.
I'm getting crunk tonight, fo' sheezy.

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Yup, got a friends 21st to attend. Then a 20th and a 23rd b-day party to go to next weekend.
...Bleep Bloop...
Getting drunk is over-rated. Drinking with a good group of friends however is not over-rated.

Sadly I will be working all weekend.
The real question is "Will I be sober by Monday?"
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