Hey, I am too far from a guitar store around me to get a cleaner, but what is something around the house (i.e. alcohol) i can use to clean my guitar strings and fret board?

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In short? No, probably nothing you'd want anywhere near your body or fretboard.

Buy some off the internet?
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Guitar strings.. I use WD40.. Stops the rust, and it lubricates.. I love it.

(don't use baby oil.. *shudder*)
well, some will say pledge on a rosewood is ok, others will tell you it ruins it. Dan the guitar repair dude (cant remember his last name), in his book he swears by lindseed(sp) oil. Says he's used the same can for years, for the fretboard. Good old fashion hot breath for the fretboard does the trick too.

Just order some Ernie Ball string wipes over the internet, they'll last you awhile. I use one a week and it gets rid of a lot of dead skin off the strings, and probably extends them a good month extra.