I kind of like it. The guitars need to be 1. louder and 2. need a better tone. They sound like static half of the time. Vocals are great, similar to Nile. Love the synth and drums.
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Sounds cool man, i agree the guitars tone is quite small and fuzzy, mmm maybe add harmonies on the lead parts.
vocals sound pretty ace.
Double bump!

Got a gig coming up saturday, and confirming 2 more for july, looking good

also, if anyone fancies a free copy of our demo on CD (it sounds a lot better on CD than on myspace), pm me your address and I'll gladly send a copy out to you for free

I like it, it's great, the guitar work is awesome, its just the sound. i'd love a demo but im in Australia
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You could just e-mail him the mp3s if it is.
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that's a good point

if he wants to put on CD himself then, that's fine it sounds a lot better on CD, so if I do send it, make sure you copy it onto CD rather than listening on your PC
BUMP! got a new demo recorded this week, one of the tracks "cleansing the remnants" is on the myspace now if anyone wants to check it out and gimme a quick crit that'd be great

thanks and if anyone wants a free copy of the demo lemme know