Ok so I was recently asked to give a young new rocker some lessons. And I have never done such a thing and I was wondering how you would start this process. Would you start with the blues patterns and appegios or just start with basic power chords or what. Any betters suggestions please comment them.

don't start with scales right away!
at the very beggining learn the person some really easy songs, and the the A, e and d chords, and then take it from there...
FINGER EXCERCISES.... see if he really wants to play or if he just wants to play simple power and open chords
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make something easy up, some string playing, a little catchy melody, it doesn't have to be acoustic....
First make him comfortable with fretting, fingerpicking etc by showing him how to do it and trying 1 string melodies, then 2 string melodies, then 3 string melodies, then include basses, and continue when he feels comfortable playing them...

If he is comfortable, and you teach him some theory, he will eventually figure out chord fingerings, etc by himself, but you can show him the most common open chords, but it would be preferable if you do after he becomes comfortable with fretting and such.

If he plays electric, do the same as an acoustic, but make him practise his picking more, and rely less on chords and more one individual melodies, which would increase his speed and accuracy in the end, but maybe it could hinder some flexibility you would acquire in an acoustic (like barring, long stretches, akward positions, etc)...
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do you mean the basic acoustic stuff? "ozwal"?

I'd say so....electric or acoustic, the basics are the same either way.
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